Canucks Flag Part III

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Poor Jill. In her reign as president of the strata council, she had caused a law suit and levied fines which she could not collect – and all because of one Canucks fan. At the last Annual General Meeting, a bylaw banning Canucks flags on balconies was approved by a ¾ vote and she was once again elected to council, ever vigilant to police bylaw infractions.

The Canucks took top spot in the Western Conference, and to Jill’s dismay, familiar flags began to show up in unit windows and on vehicles throughout the complex as the team and fans geared up for another Stanley Cup playoff. Jill quickly scanned the Strata Property Act and found Section 125 (1) The strata corporation  may make rules governing the use, safety and condition of the common property and common assets.

Jill quickly called together a few other council members for a quorum, passed a rule reading “No Canucks flags to be hung in windows”, posted it on the bulletin board and notified owners that a fine of $200 will be levied
unless all flags were removed.

Jill was right in that a strata corporation can introduce rules which are in effect until ratified at the next AGM. But was she right about this rule? No. The key words in Section 125 are “common property and common assets”.

Next month will explain how and where Jill went wrong, in more ways than one.

Niina Mayhew, the strata manager for Holywell Properties, has close to twenty five years of experience in the real estate industry.

She recently moved to the Sunshine Coast from the Thompson Okanagan region to be closer to family. Before joining Holywell Properties, Niina was a senior property manager, leading a team of property managers and support staff and overseeing the operation of 60 strata corporations based in resort locations from Kamloops to the BC/Alberta border.

She is well versed in working with stratas, including sections, quarter and time shares, condo hotels, commercial and bare land strata corporations.

She is firm believer that communication is everything in working with strata councils and owners, and while she takes her job seriously, often finds humor in it as well.

Niina has acted in a consulting role with developers, from  small family oriented townhome complexes to sectioned air space strata corporations.

Her expertise can assist developers in understanding the requirements of the Strata Property Act, preparing budgets and disclosures as well as preparing for the first annual general meeting.

Niina can be reached via email at and via phone at 604 885 3460.