Canucks Flag Part I

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Tenancy Application FormTenancy Application

It seems an owner (Let’s call him Jack) and a council member (Jill) had ongoing differences of opinion about the Canucks flag draped over his balcony during hockey season.

Jack put his condo on the market and got a great offer – but when Jack went asking for an Information Certificate (Form B) from the strata council, Jill (being a Flames fan) refused to provide the form unless Jack removed the flag.

Was she, as a council member, in the right? No! Section 59(1) of the Act states “Within one week of a request by an owner, a purchaser or a person authorized by an owner or purchaser, the strata corporation must give to the person making the request an Information Certificate in the prescribed form.”

Now let’s say the sale fell through because Jack could not give the Form B to the buyer and he didn’t get another offer for 2 months and it was $10,000 less. The strata corporation is served with a writ by Jack’s lawyer, and Jill is put into the position of explaining to the ownership about why they need to pay a special levy for legal fees.

Having worked with over a hundred strata councils, I find it is not uncommon for personal feelings or opinions to get involved in the decisions sometimes made by councils.

However, following the letter of the law is the best (and cheapest!) way to go.


More on that Canucks fl ag and bylaws next month… go, Canucks, go!


Niina Mayhew, the strata manager for Holywell Properties, has close to twenty five years of experience in the real estate industry.

She recently moved to the Sunshine Coast from the Thompson Okanagan region to be closer to family. Before joining Holywell Properties, Niina was a senior property manager, leading a team of property managers and support staff and overseeing the operation of 60 strata corporations based in resort locations from Kamloops to the BC/Alberta border.

She is well versed in working with stratas, including sections, quarter and time shares, condo hotels, commercial and bare land strata corporations.

She is firm believer that communication is everything in working with strata councils and owners, and while she takes her job seriously, often finds humor in it as well.

Niina has acted in a consulting role with developers, from  small family oriented townhome complexes to sectioned air space strata corporations.

Her expertise can assist developers in understanding the requirements of the Strata Property Act, preparing budgets and disclosures as well as preparing for the first annual general meeting.

Niina can be reached via email at and via phone at 604 885 3460.