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It takes patience, understanding and an occasional firm hand to manage properties well. We believe we can provide you with the right balance.

That’s what has made us successful with all our clients.

The following is a brief outline of the Strata Management services provided by Holywell Properties.

  • Assist in preparation of annual budget. Do preliminary budget for Strata Council to review prior to annual meeting. Work with Council in formulating the final budget and prepare the same. This process takes weeks and often months to obtain quotes.
  • Prepare notices and proxies for extraordinary meetings.
  • Attend all meetings (Council and other) as required.
  • Take minutes if required and send out to all owners following meetings. Minutes are delivered promptly to each owner.
  • Follow up on work done at the complex to ensure it is done to the required specifications.
  • Advise the Strata Corporation on any new legislation relating to the Strata Property Act.
  • Assist the Strata Corporation to formulate bylaws, rules and regulations in keeping with the Strata Property Act and register with appropriate land title.
  • Collect all strata fees and provide a monthly statement to the Strata Council outlining income and expense. Expenses are monitored throughout the year to ensure the budget is on track. Any delinquent fees will be monitored and dealt with as per the bylaws of the complex.
  • Act as a source of guidance to the Strata Corporation. Holywell Properties has been an associate member of the Condominium Home Owner Association for many years and keeps in touch regularly over any contentious issues.
  • Abide by the Strata Property Act at all times and advise owners on same.
  • Ensure that all Form F’s and Form B’s (previously Form A and Section 36) are completed prior to the sale of any units. These are only completed when fees are up to date unless a letter of undertaking is provided.
  • Act as a liaison with owners should any questions or concerns arise.

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