Strata Management

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A question I have been asked a lot recently has been “What exactly is it that you do?” My answer usually is “Grab a coffee – this will take a while.”

My job is to manage the best interests of my client (the strata corporation) while acting within the Strata Property Act.

This includes things like preparing budgets, agendas and minutes, filling requests for Information Certificates (Form B), advising councils, obtaining quotes, monthly financials, collections of arrears, correspondence, adherence of bylaws, and the list goes on.

Ongoing education is essential in this field, and if you see me on a 6:20 AM ferry on a weekday, I am probably on my way to a course to keep informed and up to date. I work with councils, owners, realtors and potential buyers, engineers, insurance brokers and adjustors, lawyers and most every kind of contractor between accountants and Zoologists (Pest control wouldn’t touch the mountain goat issues!) .

I deal with all manner of poop – from seagulls to bears and everything in between. Feuding neighbours, feuding councils, leaks, floods, fires, sinking buildings, blown off roofs, rats, bats and cats…get the picture?

Every time I think I have seen it all, I get surprised once again. (My favorite is still the inebriated council person who called in the wee hours hollering’ that the lock on the front door of his building was defective and he couldn’t get in. Turned out he was at the wrong address. Flowers were delivered the next morning with a sheepish apology.)

Under legislation, a strata manager must work under the direction of a strata council. In other words, we can’t make decisions and we can’t take action unless a council tells us to by a majority vote, which usually happens at
the council meeting level. Council members also work under the legislation of the Strata Property Act.

A proactive council understands their duties under the Act and work together as a team in the best interest of their strata corporation. Working with these council members is the best part of my job. What would be the worst part? Trying to work with those council members who turned to the Dark Side, but those tales of terror will be covered in future columns.

Call me crazy, but I love what I do. It is not a job for the faint hearted, thin skinned or even those with a complete grasp of sanity. A strata manager needs to have two attributes; a sense of humor (because in this job, if you can’t laugh, you WILL cry) and a thick skin.

After all these years of working in this field, four inches of rhinoceros hide has formed onto my frame. And no, that slice of cake beside my keyboard has nothing to do with those extra inches….

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Niina Mayhew, the strata manager for Holywell Properties, has close to twenty five years of experience in the real estate industry.

She recently moved to the Sunshine Coast from the Thompson Okanagan region to be closer to family. Before joining Holywell Properties, Niina was a senior property manager, leading a team of property managers and support staff and overseeing the operation of 60 strata corporations based in resort locations from Kamloops to the BC/Alberta border.

She is well versed in working with stratas, including sections, quarter and time shares, condo hotels, commercial and bare land strata corporations.

She is firm believer that communication is everything in working with strata councils and owners, and while she takes her job seriously, often finds humor in it as well.

Niina has acted in a consulting role with developers, from  small family oriented townhome complexes to sectioned air space strata corporations.

Her expertise can assist developers in understanding the requirements of the Strata Property Act, preparing budgets and disclosures as well as preparing for the first annual general meeting.

Niina can be reached via email at and via phone at 604 885 3460.