Residential Management

Selection and Screening of Tenants

Each applicant is required to fill out an application for tenancy. This application is then carefully screened through past Landlords or Real Estate Agents (in cases of homeowners), personal references and employer references. If in some circumstances, all references check out, yet we still have an uneasy feeling, we make every effort to ensure that the tenant complies with his/her obligations as outlined in the tenancy agreement which every tenant is required to sign.

Property Inspections

Before a tenant is placed in a residence we complete a detailed inspection report of the premises. After a short period of time we will visit the tenant to ensure that the home or apartment is being well kept. Occasionally this procedure will prompt further investigation with another visit to the tenant shortly thereafter. If all is well at the initial visit we will plan to follow-up again at a reasonable interval and an agreed upon time by the tenant. At the end of a tenancy we return to the home to complete another inspection report to insure that it is left in the same condition as when tenanted, normal wear and tear excepted.

Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

We have available a pool of tradesmen that are able to repair or renovate virtually any part of the property on an emergency or scheduled basis. It is the policy of this office to contact the owner before repairs are made that are over and above the limit set by the agency/owner agreement.

Rent Collections

The rents are collected from the tenant on a monthly basis, usually on the first of every month. The proceeds are deposited into a trust account and are forwarded to the owner minus any disbursements, accompanied by an itemized statement. The rent proceeds are sent to the owner on or before the 15th of the month (this allows time for the tenants rent cheque to clear the bank). We also provide a year end statement detailing income and expenses for tax accounting purposes. Fees For information regarding fees, please call or e-mail.

Non Resident Owners

Revenue Canada requires each non-resident to comply with government regulations. Our office assists in this regard.

In Summary

We act on your behalf in all manner pertaining to the care and control of your property. We take pride in managing our portfolio in a conscientious and professional manner.