Commercial Management

At Holywell we’ve seen it all when it comes to property management. We understand the fundamentals of Commercial Management and practice them better than most! Here are just some of the things that we do to ensure that our service meets your high standards:

  • Prepare triple net statements one per year. These statements will be provided to all tenants once prepared.
  • Prepare a monthly financial statement to the Owner.
  • Collect all rents. Taking necessary action should tenants fail to pay their rent and keep Owners informed.
  • Ensure all maintenance and repairs are done with due diligence. Alert Owner (s) to any foreseen expenses and those which are necessary but may not be planned.
  • Arrange any contracts which may be required from time to time.
  • Ensure all insurance coverages are adequate. Tenants should be providing copy of coverage to Owner or property manager.
  • Ensure Owner is protected against building liens. (New legislation has been enacted within the past year)
  • Act as Liaison between tenant and Owner
  • Deal with emergencies as they arise.
  • Ensure annual fire inspections are performed.
  • Provide quality Leasing Services at competitive rates.
  • Have an indepth understanding of the leasing market on the Sunshine Coast and give 110% to all leasing acitivities no matter how large or small the project.